Angel Ramirez Vapor

(b.  1970)

Angel Vapor was born in Havana, Cuba in 1970. He first studied at the Paulita School of Elementary Arts, Havana, from 1982 until 1985.Then attending, The Academy of San Alejandro, Havana, from 1983 thru1989.  He concluded his graduate studies at the National School of Sculptural Arts, graduating in 1991. After graduating, he went on to work at the Cuban Cinematographic Institute of Art and Industry. In 1994 Vapor moved to Spain, where he lived for a period of 4 years, then immigrated in 1999 to the United States. Today, he lives and works in Miami, Florida.



1996    Los Elejidos, A monumental sculpture project, San Valentin Center, Leon, Spain

2000    Feunte De Metal, Park Avenue, Miami

2001    Robert Russa Moton

2003    La Mirada, Jhoon Rhee, Washington, D.C.

2004   Teak, Engraving and Drawing, Books and Books, Coral Gables, Miami

2005    Fireman, A monumental sculpture project, City of Miami

2006    A.R. Vapor-Papel, Madera y Metal, Edge Zones, Miami



1977-79   Circulo de Interes, Museum of Beautiful Arts, Museum of Colonial Art, National Library, Havana, Cuba

1984   Exposicion Escuela de arte Paulita Concepcion

1990   Exposicion Escuela Nacional de artes plasticas

2002   Four on the Floor, Galleria Colin-Fisher, Design District, Miami

2004   Americas Collection, Coral Gables, Miami

           De Ida y Vuelta, Centro Cultural Español, Miami

2005   Growth Spurt, Edge Zones, Miami

2006   Art Miami, Galleria Carmen de la Guerra, Wolfson Campus Gallery,  Miami