Quisbel Lezcano Blanco

Born July 22, 1973 in San Luis, a small village in the Province of Pinar Del Rio Cuba.

At the age of 8, Blanco entered his first provincial art competition and won first prize. He was inspired by the Great Masters of Landscape art in Cuba, including = Domingo Ramos, Tiburcio Lorenzo, Chaltan San Carta, and his mentor, Thomas Sanchez. 

In 1984, Blanco was selected to further his studies at Raúl Sánchez vocational school of art where he studied drawing and painting at the secondary level. In 1987, he continued studying at Carlos Hidalgo School of plastic arts in Pinar del Río, Cuba. After graduating in 1990, he moved to Havana to further his studies at San Alejandro National School of Fine Arts. 

What makes Quisbel’s paintings unique is the technique he uses. He utilizes three primary colors, Red, Blue and Yellow. With that he mixes and starts creating other combinations to create a magical effect, so detailed and real. From his imagination he creates waterfalls, mountains, and rivers, capturing the beauty and essence of nature.

His works have been included in numerous group and solo exhibitions in the United States, Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Panama, Brazil, France, England, Italy, Canada, Malaysia, Lebanon, Cuba, Dominic Republic and Turkey. His paintings are included in private, public, and corporate collections. 

In 2011, he immigrated to the United States where he lives and works in Cape Coral, Florida. 

1999  Special Prize for Landscape, National Salon III " Tiburcio Lorenzo" UNEAC, Pinar del Río.
1997 Award V Provincial Exhibition of Plastic Arts " Atilano Armenteros", San Luis, Pinar del Río.
1997 Mention Municipal Arts Salon " December 14", Pinar del Río.

Solo Exhibitions
  From Green to White Gallery Ravenet , Pinar del Rio, Cuba.
2008  From the Landscape , Auto Sportivo Addison House Plaza, Panama.
2007  Other, Moleiro 's Gallery , Panama .
2005 Cuban Landscapes, Gallery Moleiro 's, Panama .
2002  Pictures of my land, Sunday Padrón Art Gallery, Miami, USA .
2001  Landscapes , Sunday Padrón Art Gallery, Miami, USA .
2001  Landscapes of my homeland, Sunday Padron Art Gallery, Miami. USA 

Selected Group Exhibitions

2013  Expo (An excursion to turn down), Cede UNESCO, France

2011-12  Collective Expo (Meetings) Enbajada of Cub, Canada – Toronto

2010  Cuban Art Revolution, Cuba Embassy in Mexico, Mexico. International Art Fair, Gallery Fuentes, Dominican Republic.             Tribute to Fina García Marruz , Latino Center  Gallery Cuba, Havana.

2009  Landscapes side shows too ... 10. Biennial of Havana, Fayad Jamis Gallery, Havana. Collective Expo shows collateral 10. Biennial of Havana, Hotel Habana Libre, Cuba. First International Art Fair, Palace of Fine Arts, Dominican Republic .

2008 What ball? New Cuban painting, Gallery The Golden Bough, Panama

2007-8 Cuba 50 views Expo traveling through Spain, France, Turkia and Lebanon.

2007 Expo Collective, Visual Arts Center, Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba.

Collective Expo, May Bank, Malaysia.

2005 Collective Expo Museum of Contemporary Art, Sao Paulo , Brazil.
Cuban Painting Pavilion Cuba, Havana.
Madrid Landscapes in Havana, Gallery Wifredo Lam , Havana.

2004-5  Cuban Painters , La Acacia Gallery, Havana, Cuba .

2004-3  Collective Expo: "Cuban Landscapes," From Art Gallery, Sori, Miami, USA .

2003 Landscapes Pinar del Rio, Fayad Jamis Gallery, May Festival, Havana.
Contemporary Painters Pinar del Rio, Center for Visual Arts, Pinar del Río.

2002   Living October 20, Provincial Center of Plastic Arts, Pinar del Río.

2001  Cuban Painters, La Boheme Fine Art, Miami, USA .

2000 National Salon IV " Tiburcio Lorenzo " UNEAC , Pinar del Río.
Collective Expo . Provincial Center of Visual Arts, Pinar del Río.
Ways to Mount , Provincial Center of Visual Arts, Pinar del Río.
IV Hall Young Art , Provincial Center of Visual Arts, Pinar del Río.
Exhibition of Small Format " for a greener century," Provincial Center of Visual Arts, Pinar del Río.

1999 III Salon of Young Art , Provincial Center of Visual Arts, Pinar del Río.

1999 Painting Pinareña Domingo Padrón Art Gallery, Miami , USA .

1998 Current Cuban Painting , University of Medellin, Colombia .

Cuban Landscape Lounge , Barcelona, Spain .
1997  Contemporary Cuban Painting, University of Cleveland, Ohio, USA .

Contemporary Cuban Painting, International Fair of Sao Paulo, Brazil .

Unlimited Art Gallery, Consolacion del Sur, Pinar del Río.

1996  Landscapes, International Workshop on Environment, Education and Law, University of Pinar del Río.

Expo Collective Gallery Tiburcio Lorenzo, Pinar del Río.

Collective Expo, Municipal Gallery, San Luis, Pinar del Río.
1994 Municipal Folk Art Expo , Pinar del Río.

Expo Collective Gallery Tiburcio Lorenzo, Pinar del Río.

Expo October 20, Casa de Cultura, San Luis, Pinar del Río.

Private Collections:
LLampierr Pastor, Conde de Monaco.
Nicolas Stars, Main Shareholder Florida U.S. Insurance Company
Vieira, Shareholder product Goya Florida E.U
Shareholder Keroley
Insurer E.U. Art