Cécile Plaisance

Sophisticated and clearly out of line, the Barbie series show the famous dolls in different attitudes! Photographed in a studio like real models, the plastic dolls appear to be alive and posing. Black dresses, naughty underwear, nude models, a ‘bond girl’ look alike in a swimsuit or even wearing a burqa: Cecile Plaisance is clearly inspired by all the women and their capacity to live many lives. Cecile’s shameless barbies give us a new vision of our childhood favorite dolls even though we can still dress or undress them through the specific process: lenticular printing creates a brilliant illusion as it has the ability to change or move from different angles. Over and above the myth of a woman being an object, Cecile strips our idol supporting the challenges of women of today to defend their rights, their desires and maintain their gained freedom. She transforms the little black dress worn by a timid woman, the nuns cloak, the burka of the veiled woman…careful: behind one woman there may be another one hiding! The’ Barbie Series’ doesn’t belong to childhood but definitely plays with the innocence of the audience’s eyes!





Forreal Amsterdam, Dock Gallery Art Wynwood, DL Gallery, Puerto Rico

Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, Dock Gallery 

LA Art Show, K+Y Gallery 

AAF Bruxelles


Art Miami, K+Y Gallery 

Scope Miami, K+Y Gallery 

Start, Bell Air Fine Art Gallery 

AAF Hamburg, Envie d’Art Gallery, Lens Series

AAF New York , Envie d’Art Gallery, Lens Series

AAF Stockholm, Envie d’Art Gallery, Lens Series

AAF London, Envie d’Art Gallery, Lens Series

8EME Avenue Art Show, Bel Air Fine Art

Cologne Art Fair, K+Y Gallery, Lens Series

Art Hamptons, K+Y Gallery, Lens Series

AAF Hong Kong, Envie d’Art Gallery, Lens Series

Context Art New York, K+Y Gallery, Lens Series


AAF Hamburg, Envie d’Art Gallery, Lens Series

AAF Singapour, Envie d’Art Gallery, Lens Series

Istambul Contemporary Art Fair, K+Y Gallery, Lens Series

8EME Avenue, Paris, K+Y Gallery


Scope Miami Beach, K+Y Gallery

Toronto Art Fair, K+Y Gallery, CAN

Solo Show Fotofever Bruxelles

Solo Show Fotofever Paris

London Art Fair

AAF Milan

AAF Hong Kong 

AAF Brussels

AAF London

20-21 International Art Fair 

Art Hamptons.

Solo Show K+Y Gallery - Paris.


Envie d'Art Gallery, Affordable Art Fair Battersea - Londres


Young Gallery, Knokke - Belgium. Charitic, Action sale


Contraste, Brussels - Barbies Newtow tribute.


Contraste, Brussels - Autoportrait.