Fernando Bermejo  

Born in Madrid, Spain 1949 

Fernando Bermejo pursued his formal education in fine arts in the same city.  Since the completion of his studies, he has distinguished himself as an artist whose work speaks to the complex relationship between nature and humanity. He has exhibited extensively throughout the world, representing his native country in international exhibitions and art fairs, as well as appearing in numerous solo exhibitions.  His research into non-traditional painting, drawing and sculpting techniques has led him to work in an impressive variety of media, creating pieces that range from traditional, two-dimensional drawings to installations that fully envelop the viewer.  

A recent series departs from his depictions of the natural world, employing a variety of representational symbolism – from animal figures to the icons of pop culture – but nevertheless reveals many of Bermejo’s best-known stylistic hallmarks, including his characteristically sparse compositions and subjects presented in static poses.  

Bermejo’s signature work, however, remains the light box. Aglow from within, the images facing the viewer are at once naturalistic and highly stylized.  Detailed depictions of vegetation suggest a monochromatic utopia: blacks, greys and whites evoke a sense of purity, simplicity and quietude. Ethereal images of flowers and trees emerge from the surfaces of his light boxes as if ever-changing nature were caught in a moment of perfect stillness, perhaps even repose.  Their meditative starkness beckons the viewer, creating a dynamic as simple – and as complex – as man’s interaction with his natural surroundings.  


Solo Exhibitions

2014  El Bosque Iluminado. Fernando BermejoCentro de Arte Alcobendas (CAA), Madrid

2012  Fernando Bermejo - Buenas noches MadridGaleria Kreisler, Madrid

2010  Fernando Bermejo - 2010Del Sol St. Art Gallery, Santander

2009  Fernando Bermejo - Recent WorksGalería Ferrán Cano - Barcelona, Barcelona

2008  Fernando BermejoGaleria Kreisler, Madrid

Fernando Bermejo - LA LIBRERÍA - PinturaDel Sol St. Art Gallery, Santander

2006  Fernando Bermejo - El bosque de pazGaleria Kreisler, Madrid

2004  Fernando BermejoGaleria Juan Silió, Santander

2003  Fernando Bermejo. El jardín de PazMuseo de Bellas Artes de Santander, Santander


Group Exhibitions

2015  Kreisler 50 AñosGaleria Kreisler, Madrid

2013  CLOSE · Obras de la ColecciónGalería Vértice, Oviedo

2011  Vértice20Galería Vértice, Oviedo

2009  ContrastesGaleria Kreisler, Madrid

2007  Winter Collective ExhibitionGalería Vértice, Oviedo


Selected Exhibitions 

1977  Creates “Bienal” along with Baixeras, Oscar Benedi, Cruz Hernandez, Domiciano

Mon Montoya and Sanchez Calderón

1981  “Spanish Art Tomorrow,” traveling exhibition to: Corcoran Gallery, Washington D. C.; Miami Metropolitan Museum; Bayfront Plaza Auditorium, Corpus Christi, Texas; University of St. Thomas Museum of Art, Houston, Texas; Tokyo Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan.

Biennials of São Paulo; El Cairo; Alejandria; Emirates Arabs and Amman

Invited to represent Spanish art in the following countries: Brazil, Japan, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Portugal, Argentina, El Salvador, Mexico and Spain

Relics Solo Exhibition in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Santador, Avile, Palma de Mallorca, Gran Canaria, Zaragoza, Valladolid, Caceres, Segovia, Bilbao and La Coruña

Relics Solo Exhibition throughout the world: France – Paris, Burdeos and Avignon; United States – NewYork; Venezuela; Mexico; Slovenia; Egypt; Jordan; Lebanon; and Syria

Creates the International Meeting of Art “Artesles” (with Fernando Zamnillo)