Jesús Navarro

(Spanish, b. 1952, Jerez de la Frontera, Andalucía, Spain)

Jesús Navarro, a master painter from Spain and hyperrealist, began his career as a child prodigy. He had his first exhibition at age 15, and would later develop into a Surrealist in the line of Dalí and Magritte (1930s). Hyperréalismeis a term coined by the French in the 1970s, but it came to full fruition in the U.S. and Europe in the 1990s (cf.Jeff Koons). Hyperrealism is generally thought of as an advancement of Photorealism of the 1960s/’70s. While hyperrealists tend to infuse their works with emotion, startling beauty, detail, sensuality, and even narrative and humor, photorealists tended to seek the deadpan quality of Pop Art of the 1970s, as seen in Andy Warhol. Hyperrealist style may be achieved through many means, among them: airbrush, gridding from photo­projections, the use of photographic stills as models, and of small, stiff brushes and stencils, etc.


Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Jerez,(age 12), studies in painting and sculpture with professor Manuel Daza y Antonio Padilla
Instituto de España(est’d 1752) with Ph.D. Julio Aumente, Madrid, Spain

Solo Shows

Galería de Arte Elisabeth Nilsson, April 1995, San Pedro Alcántara, Málaga, Spain Galería Androx, Dec. 1994, Vigo, Galicia, Spain
Galería Jorge Ontiveros, May 1991, Madrid
Galería de Arte de Corte­Inglés,Madrid/Barcelona/Mallorca, Spain Galería Verd y Verd, Barcelona
Galería de Arte San Vicente,Valencia, Spain
Gallery of Colours, Edinburgh, Scotland
Galería de Arte Mar,Barcelona
Grupo Escolà,Barcelona

Group Shows

Premier Exhibition, Caja de Ahorros,Zamora, Spain, (age 15), 1977 La Escuela de Arte Tres en Raya,Castelldefels, Barcelona, 1978 Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami, FL, 1996
Galería Conxa Lopez,Torredembarra, Spain
1980s: Galería de Arte del Corte­Inglés, Galería Canuda(Barcelona);Galería de Arte Manuel Daza(Jerez)

Museum Collections

Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami


Apprenticeship with master painter, Ramírez de Toro: techniques of classical painting, JerezLa Escuela de Arte Tres en Raya,founding member and Director
(in cooperation with the City Hall of Barcelona)


El Punto de las Artes,May 1991, Madrid
Agendamagazine, ‘Cinco Días,’ J. Navarro “Del realismo a la fantasía,” May, 1991El Sol,‘Agenda:’ Vida social,“Exposición de Jesús Navarro,” 4 May 1991Perfiles magazine, illustrated retrospect

Diario de Jerez,“El pintor Jesús Navarro expone en Madrid”
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