American artist, born in 1963 in Cuba, where he gained his art education as an artist. 

After graduating from National School of Art in Havana, he became an art professor, teaching painting, sculpture and ceramics in Cuba and Mozambique. 

Worked on documentaries for UNESCO as a photographer and a cinematographer. 

In 2000 he moved to United States, where he works as a sculptor.


Born 1963, Guantanamo, Cuba



1975 – 1979  Vocational School of Arts , Las Tunas, Cuba

1979 – 1984  National School of Art, La Havana, Cuba


Public collections

1984 – "Real Maravilloso" National Theater.   (Havana, Cuba).

1985 – "Amancio Rodriguez".  (Las Tunas, Cuba).

Monumental sculpture.

1988 – “El Cucalambé”, Vocational School of Art.  (Las Tunas, Cuba).

Monumental Sculpture  

1988 –  “Quijote”, Port Padre.  (Las Tunas, Cuba).

Monumental sculpture.

1993 – "Cadehira" Cuban Cultural Center.   (Maputo, Mozambique).

Sculptural Murals. 

1995 –  "Digase Hombre" (Las Tunas, Cuba).

Monumental sculpture.

2006 –  “Korean War Memorial” (Port St. Lucie, Florida, US.)


Museum collections

1986 – "El Hombre de las Madallas", Provincial Museum.  (Las Tunas, Cuba).

Museum exhibits

1999 –  Provincial Museum.  (Santiago, Cuba)


Private collections

Sculptures, Paintings and Ceramics in Private collections in Italy, Spain, Venezuela, Brazil, Mozambique, U.S.A.




American artist of Polish origin started her art education at the age of 14 in Poland, right before communism in East Europe was about to collapse. 

Fascinated with western life style, color and good design in everyday life, she continued her education in fashion design, while gaining her professional experience in Interior Design, Visage, Stylist and Photographer as well as art consultant.

After moving to US in 1998 she dedicated her life to sculpture, becoming at the same time one of the best existing patina artists.


Born 1973, Racibórz, Poland



1987- 1993 High School of Fine Art, Krakow, Poland 

1994-1997  SAPU, Krakow, Poland, graduated in fashion


Selected Exhibitions

2004 SOFA Chicago*

2005 Art Miami**

2006   Art Miami

           Art Palm Beach

2007 Art Palm Beach

2009 Art Palm Beach

           Art Basel, Switzerland***

           Olyvia Fine Art (formerly Olyvia Oriental), London, UK

2010   Art Palm Beach

2011   Scope, Miami